The pandemic has disrupted the lives of everyone. For almost eight months now, we have seen how the ongoing threat to our health ravaged families living in the poverty line. As we shift our lives into the new normal, many business were formed – especially home-based ones. There has been a considerable rise in online selling as people resorted to buying literally everything on the internet.

While our social media feeds are populated with heavily advertised selling points, we couldn’t help but single out a company that is sending a totally different message online. Bake It Good PH has caught our attention because of a line in a social media copy that reads: “100% of our profits will be donated to our partner communities.” It may seem like it’s another selling spiel, but Bake It Good PH is definitely what it says it is: a company the sells cookies for a cause.


Bake It Good PH (@bakeitgoodph) started last May as a passion project of sisters Ruth and Rax Rivera. Since both of them love to bake, they thought of using their talent to raise funds for the urban poor community in San Isidro, Rizal. This has been possible through the partnership they forged with their main community partner – New Roots Initiative. Bake It Good PH was born out of the sisters’ passion to bake good food paired with their commitment to help others, especially the underprivileged.


Bake It Good PH’s menu is simple. It offers three (3) Classic Flavors and one (1) flavor of the month:

  • Classic Chocolate Chip (P300/box of 6)
  • Double Chocolate with Almond (P360/box of 6)
  • White Chocolate Cranberry (P360/box of 6)
  • Smore-rific Cookie FLAVOR OF THE MONTH!

The Classic Chocolate Chip is heaven! We love its chunky chewy goodness. It has enough sweetness that will allow you to indulge yourself with another cookie (AND ANOTHER COOKIE AFTER THAT!). The dough is soft, but not too soft and the chocolate chips are evenly distributed. It has a hint of brown butter flavor that enhances your classic cookie experience.

The Double Chocolate Cookie with Almond is a winner! It’s a rich and fudgy treat! Munching on the first bite and figuring out what kinds of chocolate have been used in baking these incredible “black cookies” did not take too long. The quality of the chocolate will allow anyone to distinguish that it’s a combination of milk and dark chocolate. The almonds provide a beautiful texture and an awesome crunch!

The White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie has the perfect balance of flavors. The tangy cranberries and the decadent white chocolate are definitely the perfect combo. We love the cranberries’ acidity – it’s a delight for the palates. The Smore-rific Cookie did not disappoint! For those who love marshmallows on a cookie, this limited edition flavor is the right one for you. The gooey and fluffy marshmallows, the graham bits and the chocolate chunks provide the taste and texture of our well-loved campfire treat.

Craving for a sweet treat? Check out Bake It Good PH’s official social media accounts. You may order thru:

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