The doorbell dings and your food is right at your doorstep.

You probably gave in to the promise of convenience. Downloading Grab Food, Food Panda and Lala Food have saved you from going out and leaving whatever you’re watching to grab something for your growling stomach. Not so long ago, we would google hotline numbers of our favorite restaurants and then call. Call it old-fashion but there are those who find solace in hearing the voice of the people taking their orders.

So, for those who prefer telephoning than clicking, we’ve created a cheat sheet for you.

Check out the hotline numbers of these crave-worthy restaurants:

Yes, for many of us, pizza is everything! We won’t be debating whether pineapples go on pizza or not. The choice is ultimately yours. We’ve got so many flavors to choose from and we’re happy Italians invented this baked piece of heaven!

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