Filipino food is certainly our comfort food.

We’ve probably telephoned many quick service restaurants and indulged in the limited, all-the-same, fast food menu items for almost three months now due to the ongoing community quarantine.

Whether you are under ECQ, MECQ, or GCQ and you’re eating burgers, fried chicken and fries at home and ordering the same things twice or thrice a week, thinking about what to eat next and ordering for lunch and dinner have suddenly become weary tasks that don’t feel exciting and satisfying anymore. We know when enough is enough. After weeks and weeks of ordering practically the same menu items, or resorting to opening canned fish or meat stored charmingly in our cupboards, we have been, deep-down, wanting to try some of the comfort food we grew up eating.

A lot of us feel like we’re at home, for instance, when our lunch is Sinigang na Baboy, Seafood Inihaw, or Bulalo. During the months that we’re locked up, we can rarely find restaurants that sell these Classic Pinoy favorites. And with the rainy days finally telling us that the dry season is so over, the cold days are making you crave even more for food hot home-cooked meals.

Here’s the good news: DOSS Pares is reopening to satisfy our craving for classic Pinoy favorites. What’s more exciting is, the famous Boodle Fight, a humongous seafood dish (shrimps, mussels, crabs +  rice, tomatoes, and salted egg), will be available for pickup and delivery. Seafood Inihaw is also the bestselling item in their menu. If you are in love with anything seafood, this is the clear choice, too.

Don’t forget to order DOSS Pares’ Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon! It’s perfect for the weather. For Sisig, you’ll be surprised with a hefty choice. They call it Sisig Quadro. You can choose from Tofu Sisig, Chicken Sisig, Pork Sisig and Tuna Sisig.

Local home-cooked dishes such as Adobong Pusit, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Dinakdakan, and Chicharong Bulaklak are also available.

Prawn Thermidor, Fried Hito, and Crispy Plapla, Salted Egg Shrimps, Plapla in Red Curry Sauce are going to make you feel like you can have a fiesta at home.

All these favorites are available for takeout and delivery starting June 16, Tuesday. You can order thru the central hotline number: 0977 6868 242 or via Pabili Service of Grab or Lalamove.

You can also visit their official page, for updates and promos.

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