Araneta City is thrilled to introduce Shopwise International, now conveniently located within the brand-new Gateway Mall 2. This premier retail destination caters to discerning shoppers seeking a diverse selection of international products without the burden of membership fees.

The newly revamped Shopwise emerges as a delightful addition to the city’s retail landscape, seamlessly melding a wide-ranging array of global brands with an abundant assortment of locally-sourced goods, promising an unparalleled shopping experience.

As you step into the transformed Shopwise, you’ll be warmly embraced by an ambiance that masterfully balances comfort and sophistication. The well-lit and generously spaced pathways, along with meticulously curated product displays, create an environment that fosters relaxation and convenience. Embark on a shopping journey that’s nothing short of effortless as you explore an extensive range of items from both international powerhouses and beloved local favorites. Whether it’s the sight of premium Australian steaks elegantly showcased in the coolers or the dedicated Asian aisle teeming with celebrated oriental brands, your shopping excursion guarantees excitement.

Photo from Shopwise International.

Among the highlights are the exquisitely adorned gondolas, presenting an eclectic selection of wines catering to a myriad of palates. Additionally, the well-stocked deli counter treats shoppers to a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, adding a touch of culinary refinement to your shopping venture.

Photo from Shopwise International.

Shopwise International emerges as a welcome refuge from the chaos of congested and disorganized aisles of your usual grocery store. The thoughtfully designed layout prioritizes a shopping experience that seamlessly melds convenience with indulgence. There’s no doubt that your regular shopping list will evolve into a gratifying experience, transforming every visit into a celebration of life’s finer pleasures.

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