Grazing boxes have become hugely popular these days. Whether you are thinking of giving someone a gift or planning a family celebration, a finely curated mix of premium cheeses, luxury charcuterie, and select nuts, fruits, and crackers can make it extra special. Pair it with good wine and you’re up for a fine feast any time of the day!

For people in Metro Manila looking for deliciously and beautifully curated graze boxes, we recommend Eleatist Kitchen from Quezon City. You can indulge in a combination of different taste profiles and textures – savory, sweet, crunchy, soft, and fresh – all curated in a box that could be enjoyed for an intimate wine night for two or a fulfilling feast for friends and family members.

Eleatist Kitchen offers three celebration-ready and gift-worthy graze boxes:

  • Treats – P1,200 (Serves 2-3 persons)
  • Party – P2,350 (Serves 5-6 persons)
  • Feast – P3,900 (Serves 9-10 persons)

Are you a certified turophile? You can delight in Eleatist Kitchen’s hefty selection of cheeses! From light and milky to strong and pungent – the options are overwhelming. They’ve got goat milk and truffle gouda, manchego, pepper jack, colby jack, blue cheese, Kaltbach cave-aged gruyere, double cream gouda and award winning California cheeses such as Sierra Jack Habenero and Smokehouse, and Tomatruffle!

Whether you’re having cheese wedges, blocks, or cubes in your box, these well-loved dairy products are perfect when paired with their best selling cold cuts –  prosciutto momancio, black forest ham, salami milano, turkey ham with pepper, chorizo and many more.

What we love about Eleatist is its fine selection of homemade dips! We particularly enjoyed the garlic cilantro cream cheese. This homemade dip is so addictive! We found ourselves scraping the bottom of the jar after we’ve consumed all the salt crackers and pretzels. The distinct and refreshing taste of cilantro brightens up your usual cream cheese dip. The salted carmel dip is a winner too! It has the right kind of sweet-salty balance.

We love the quality of Eleatist’s graze boxes. Aside from the choicest cheeses and coldcuts, they ensured that the crackers and pretzels are still crunchy when we received our graze box – definitely, well packaged. We are happy that they secured that the crunchy treats such as crackers, nuts, are pretzels are not touching the moist charcuterie, cheese cubes, or cocktail olives.

Thinking of taking your celebrations to the next level? Order a graze box today! You can check the official social media pages of Eleatist Kitchen by clicking the link below:

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