As Musubi-Rush celebrates its first year in the business of making its famous musubi, the people behind this onigiri-inspired Spam® snack are bringing more delicious flavors to the table.

Musubi-Rush started with one item only on its menu – The Original Spam® Musubi. A year later, the menu is looking deliciously upgraded due to the growing consumer demand for more exciting snacks! The ongoing pandemic has downed several businesses but it pushed Musubi-Rush to go digital and populate its menu with new menu items beyond The Original Spam® Musubi.


Tracing its roots in Hawaii during World War II, musubi is a snack made of compacted Japanese rice (drizzled with a special light sauce), then topped with a thick slice of Spam® and wrapped in a belt-like nori or dried seaweeds. It’s the perfect snack (or meal!) when you are always on the go.

There’s no denying that Musubi-Rush’s The Original Spam® Musubi is the benchmark. Like what we always say, the taste of Spam does not change – it’s consistent wherever you are in the world. What gives musubi justice is when you pair it with the right kind of rice, cooked the right way. We’re too happy because Musubi-Rush had it right:  perfectly-cooked Japanese rice that’s compact, unfussy sauce with a straight taste profile and a thick slab of Spam® – all strapped together using a high-quality nori strip.

Aside from The Original (P65), you can also try these musubi variants: Spicy (P65) with Homemade Spicy Sauce , Deep Fried (P70) with Japanese Mayo dip and MUST TRY! Kimchi Musubi (P85).


The Hawaiian Burger is a treat for the famished! This IG-worthy burger uses rice bun hence the exciting texture you’ll feel every bite. Its torched surface adds a unique aroma and flavor. The pineapple, tomato, cheese, spam chicken patty (Oh, so meaty!), and lettuce are an amalgam of all the flavors and feels your tastebuds can detect – savory, sweet, acidic, fresh! For only P175, you’re getting a full meal already. (No need to order drinks, it comes with a 220ml soda!)


Not so long ago, the internet went crazy over sushi bake. This deconstructed version of a rolled sushi has made fans crave for a chunk or scoop of rice baked with different kinds of meat, sauce and relish on top (the versions and flavors are countless!).

To cut to the chase, we’ve tried Musubi-Rush’s version – 3 in 1 Baked Sushi Tray Anniversary Bundle. For P1,200, we were able to indulge in a trio that screams goodness: Baked Spam Mango Cheese, Baked Salmon Spicy Mayo, and Baked Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef and Spam – all appetizingly fractioned in an 8″X8″ tray. The truth is, after munching on the whole tray, declaring which variant is the best (and seeing the empty tray!lol) is the hardest part.

We were equally stunned by the quality of salmon embraced by the gooey cheese and spicy Japanese mayo in Baked Salmon Spicy Mayo and the sweet-savory combo of the slightly charred mango chunks and spam cubes in Baked Spam Mango Cheese! Both are so light and so good. The last fraction is the flavorful Baked Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef and Spam that perfectly completes the whole baked sushi snacking experience. It’s quite the finale because of its lasting bold kimchi-cheesy-beefy flavor fusion!

The 3 in 1 Baked Sushi Tray Anniversary Bundle is the perfect tray for someone who wants to try baked sushi for the first time. Highly recommended! From the original Spam® musubi to Hawaiian Burger and now the baked sushi, Musubi-Rush’s offerings are reinventing the way we enjoy snacks – fulfilling, exciting, and of course worth-sharing.

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